Speaking Across Borders

Welcome to my language blog! 

My name is Rudhraksh. I am a polyglot and I like learning languages. I speak 7 languages, and I am currently learning more. On this website, I post about language learning, and how learning languages have opened up new opportunities for me in life. Whether that is learning about new cultures, in business, or just making new friends.  

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My Journey so far

Languages That I Speak








How Learning French Opened Doors to New Opportunities for Me


What I’m Learning Right Now

Levantine Arabic

I’ve been learning Arabic for a while. It was difficult at first not because the language was too difficult to learn but because of the several variants of the Arabic language. 
Some of the popular variants include:

I have settled for Levantine Arabic. This will certainly not be the only dialect of the language that I’ll be learning, but it will be the first.

My Goals

Languages I Want to Learn

Official Languages of The United Nations

The 6 official languages of the UN are spoken by almost 3 billion people. All of these languages except Mandarin are spoken in a number of differnet countries which make them attractive in terms of travelling and using the language to communicate with people.

Chinese Mandarin


Languages of The World's Major Religions

I wish to read the scriptures of the major world religions in their original languages. Although I do not think I’ll learn these languages any time soon, nor will I be relying solely on my language abilities to understand the texts, I still have a desire to learn these languages at some point in my life.




Major Lingua Francas of The World

In some ways, I want to be a somewhat of a linguistic conquistador. Smashing language barriers and conquering communication with my language skills. 

Although speaking a lingua franca isn’t the same as speaking to someone in their native tongue, it does help when with talking with people.

Some of these languages that I want ot learn are Hausa, Persian and Swahili.