How this course will work

Learning in a Fun, Engaging, and a Natural Manner

Welcome to the French Language Course

If you have learned a language or attempted to learn a language in a classroom, you will notice that this course is designed differently. 

In most French classes, we are first taught the alphabet. We learn basic phrases and sentences, and if your classes were anything like mine, you would also have learned some words that started with each letter of the alphabet much like the language classes of our native tongues when we first learn to read. Things are easy initially, and then come vocab lists, a never ending list of complicated grammar rules, cases etc. which makes us completely lose motivation. 

That is where this course is different. Although we will still be learning grammar rules and vocabulary, the way we learn them is going to be different. One thing we don’t have enough of in conventional language classes, is actually using languages for what languages are, tools for communication. Learning languages through vocabulary lists and grammar exercises is like learning to play a sport by watching and studying about the sport. Doing that can help us gain an understanding of the sport but it will never teach us how to play. In order to learn how to play, we need to get our feet wet and actually play the sport.

Our approach to learning French is going to be similar. We will be using the language from day one with whatever we have learnt. We will speak in French, listen to the French language, and read and write things in French. We will start with the basics and build on the foundations to attain a better level in the language.    

Throughout the course, we will be using several different resources on the internet. We’ll make use of mobile apps, and websites to get a decent exposure to the language. 

So let’s get started!